It is always difficult to tell who I am, perhaps I would say that the thing in which I am really good at is to pursue my passions.

I was born in Rome and I worked as art restorer, but I abandoned this career to devote myself to the painting and fashion.

I have painted for more than 20 years and as well as travelling the world with my paintings I am also the designer of the brand Mikini, which handcrafts fashionable sporty-outfit and bikinis.


In painting, which I consider my imaginary refuge, I undress bodies. The subjects I portray are mostly artistic nudes. In real life, however, I dress them, trying to enhance the extraordinary shapes of a woman's body as much as possible.

I love this continuous research that I do, every day I refine and discover how fascinating and complex the female world is. I love women who are confident, flirtatious, mischievous, refined, intuitive, young and sporty in spirit.


I don't know, they come!

Vengono cosi, dalle contaminazioni esterne perlopiù.

A journey, a friendship, a perfume, a dream.

The research starts from a passion, I love the sea, its scent, its colors, and so I thought of creating a beachwear line. I am an elegant sportswoman, and therefore my research aims to satisfy these two conditions. Refinement and comfort.

This is perhaps the most difficult thing about my job, making a costume comfortable, sporty and also refined.

The Yoga line, on the other hand, was born from friendships with great professionals, who initially fascinated me with their stories about the philosophy behind this discipline, and then led me to practice and I helped them as I could, dressing them, with outfits designed to satisfy and encourage Asanas and particular movements.