Yoga and Stones

The 2024 Yogawear collection is inspired by minerals and their colors.

Each mineral is a unique piece created by the most imaginative designer, the Earth.

Like the Earth, the 2024 Yogawear collection focuses on making each individual garment unique.

Each color takes on well-defined meanings, sometimes apparently inexplicable, but with beneficial effects for our body and our mind.

Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Brown Amber and Basalt, are the minerals that tell the story of the 2024 collection.

What's a mineral?

A mineral is defined as a natural solid substance that was formed through long geological processes and which has a well-defined chemical-physical composition.

Everything is vibration, planets, men, plants and even minerals vibrate.

Each type of stone has its own vibration, which corresponds to its formation process and which manifests itself very clearly both through its color and its natural shape.

Minerals offer our gaze pure natural colors that stimulate our chakras and help us in yoga practice.

Brown Amber

Given its particular origin, there are many meanings that have been given to it.

Buddhist monks, for example, consider it a symbol of wisdom, but also of strength and resilience. In astrology it is related to the sun and therefore linked to the sign of Leo.

Amber is very versatile because it has the ability to absorb evil right where it is placed. Defends, protects against dangers and attacks of all types.

It is a real lucky charm for its good vital energy which pushes the individual to be more positive, calm and confident

Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli symbolizes friendship and relationships. The Lapis Lazuli stone is very close to the throat chakra, improving and amplifying communication and throat problems.

Not only that, it is also linked to the third eye chakra, which promotes meditation and concentration between body and mind.

Additionally, Lapis Lazuli provides support in one's decisions and promotes kindness.

It has a very strong calming power, keeps anger under control and rationalizes emotions.


Malachite is the stone of change: stimulates the will and awareness of needs and desires, spingendo chi la indossa a realizzarli, a vivere liberamente le proprie emozioni senza rimanerne prigioniero.

It has magical properties, its absorbing action allows it to assimilate the disharmonies, dissonances and unwanted negative energies present in the subtlest bodies and to divert them, it has the ability to shed light on our inner world, bringing out those blocks that prevent our growth .


La pietra lavica si forma dal rapido raffreddamento del magma vulcanico una volta emersa sulla superficie terrestre. Questa scura roccia vulcanica è comunemente conosciuta come Basalto.

lava stone is considered as a magnetic stone which draws its power from telluric energy coming from mother earth.

The natural magnetism of lava stone It positively influences and protects the wearer, giving strength and courage to face the difficulties of daily life.

Lava stone is also a root stone which brings strength and stability both physically and mentally.

His favorite chakras are the Root chakra, the Sacred chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra.