About Us

The idea of Mikini was born from the combination of my artistic skills as a painter and fashion stylist with the sartorial passion which passed on to me from my grandmother in my youth. In her little boutique I breathed the desire, the style and craftsmanship with which to create clothes from an idea.

My clothes, alongside my paintings, are inspired by the classic Renaissance model where the woman is highlighted by the balance of shapes enhancing femininity.

Production is placed in the hands of experienced Italian artisans but I personally carry out each original model to ensure wearability and harmony with the shape of the body.

Mikini exclusively uses premium Italian fabrics. The high quality jersey is soft to the touch, almost velvety and maintains elasticity over time.

“A woman comfortable in her Mikini is definitely more beautiful”

Have you ever worn something stylish but uncomfortable? Well, I have! Whenever I wear something that fits me badly I am conscious of it all the time and this feeling of discomfort stays with me distracting me from the present moment.
When you wear a cool and comfortable garment you feel confident…and a confident woman is more beautiful.